Putin the MAD, his desperate threats

Regarding the clearly desperate threats by Putin to use Nuclear Weapons in Ukraine I offer clarity.

What needs to be restated with emphasis on its relevance to today, to it's amplified scope for current conditions and the horrendous end results, is the deterrent policy that got us through the Cold War: MAD.

MAD, for Mutually Assured Destruction. The solemnly assured full strike retaliation by the United States upon any and all adversaries that might use a Nuclear Weapon in a First Strike, thus assuring complete destruction of the aggressor(s).

Essentially, a Doomsday Machine.

No reasonably sane person would instigate such a catastrophe. The fly in the ointment being it is not clear Putin is "reasonably sane". Thus, this Re Declaration needs to be done Publicly, by the President, in a manner that will convey the message clearly and forcefully, to Putin, his underlings and Russian Generals and Admirals. It may be we must count on them being the ones without a Death Wish.

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Club FED. Clueless as ever.

The "Federal Reserve" continues to serve up interest rate hikes in a manner that reminds one of a "solution searching for a problem".

Raising rates as a solution to inflation clearly does not solve the alleged inflation problem. It would seem instead to be a contributor to what is being called inflation, which in this iteration is a largely self inflicted problem.

The rising prices today are largely a result of "greed", opportunistic price gouging on the part of producers, distributors and retailers.

The Fed today is a prime example (ahem) of the "Peter Principal" at work.

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Original Intent?

Odd thing about these "Constitutional Conservatives" a.k.a. "Original Intent" proponents.

They ignore the fact that the Constitution was "amended" 27 times.

The first 10 Amendments, the so-called "Bill of Rights", were created by the original "Original Intent" people, circa 1791.

The so-called "conservatives" also ignore a core principal, or "Original Intent", that being the ability to amend the Constitution, which is enshrined in the Article V of the original document.

Thus, we see the fallacy in their position.  

It was the "Original Intent" of the Founding Fathers to provide a means of altering the Document as the People required, or even to allow for their own fallibility in drafting the original.


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Has Putin gone completely Mad?

From reports, it seems Putin has gone around the bend. 

Begs the question, has he ever been completely sane? 

How long before even his closest confidants, as few as remain, see him for what he has become?

An existential danger to Russia as a Nation and to Earth as a viable planet.


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