Ah, Loyalty, thy name is . . . soiled

Well, true to form, we find Rumsfeld, etal, rewarding their stiff armed, goosestepping minions.

Seems the Pentagon, with the blessing, if not direction of, Rumsfeld are planning to promote those senior officers who where in charge of the infamous torture camps.

Sure, they were "cleared" by military investigations. Yep, sure were.

"Oh, Mr. Fox, did you eat those chickens"? "Oh, no, Mr. Wolf, I did not." "But what about those feathers all around you, and the blood on your mouth, Mr. Fox?".

"Oh,the feathers are from the weasels chasing the chickens, just for fun, you understand, like high spirits. And the blood, oh, the blood. Oh, yes, one of the chickens fell and hurt themselves and I kindly helped him by ending his suffering. "

"Oh, well then, Mr. Fox, you are free to go. Well done!"

See? All better!