It's all WHOSE fault?

Bush and Israel certainly got Chutzpah. I give 'em that much.

To blame Hezbollah for the destruction in Lebanon, for the deaths of so many civilians, is beyond Chutzpah. To actually believe it, is a sign of mental illness.

Yeah, yeah, sure, sure, we all know Hezbollah "started it" by launching an "incursion" into Israel and kidnapping a couple of Soldiers. Umm, let me repeat that: "Soldiers". Not Civilians, not Women and Children, but Soldiers.

But did Israel, with the Blessings of Fearless Leader, (I'm the Decider), Bush, have to attempt to bomb Lebanon back into the Stone Age?

The only explosions in Beruit were from Israel delivered bombs, US made, carried by US made planes, and US made helicopters.

Did any Hezbollah rockets land in Beruit? No. Only using the contorted logic of those who are "infallible" can one attempt to blame Hezbollah for the carnage in Lebanon.

Such hypocrisy and arrogance are beyond the range of sanity.

You can certainly blame Hezbollah for "starting" the current madness, but you cannot blame them for the damage inflicted upon Lebanon.

For that, the blame lies squarely with Israel, and the current United States Adminstration.

The blood of innocents covers your hands and your souls.