Here we go again.

As if on que, yet again, when the Bush administration (so-called), and it's Republican enablers, seem on the ropes, poltically and morally, someone comes to their rescue.

And, funny, ain't it, how the que's always seem to come from an enemy, particularly one of those from the "axis of evil".

As if on que, just in time for the elections (yet again), some crisis looms.

This time it is North Korea, creating anxiety, and fomenting fears of war, just in time.

What was it last year and the year before? Or, have you forgotten, already?

Why would these people do this, on the eve of an election, when such actions would seem likey to increase fears, which, according to conventional wisdom, tends to favor keeping incumbents in office?

Maybe our "enemies" LIKE the way things are going.