Marching to the same drummer

The Bush Administration, and it's neo-con nut cases, are nothing, if not predicatable.

It's hard to tell if they are really trying to con the American people, yet again, with their drum beating and cooked "intelligence" on these weapons, supposedly manufactured in Iran, or if they are simply trying to "gin up" their courage, to strike or invade Iran.

You know, kind of like the school yard bully who keeps telling you his is gonna kick your ass, but is afraid to, cause he might be seen to be the bully that he is.

So, instead, he just keeps insulting you and making public accusations, until, at last, he is convinced that enough people will stand by and watch, while he does his nasty deed.

The real reason they used those anonymouse military talking heads to present their "evidence" is to distance themselves, even further, so that, should it become clear that Iran is not involved, at the "highest levels" in the supply of these weapons, they will be in the clear.

Even military leaders are not convinced that Iran is involved "at the highest levels".

In any event, why is that a justification for a strike at Iran? It's just plain stupid.