The Republican "Conservatives" shed their snake skins

Ah, now we see them for what they are, their "Conservative" snake skins shed to show their true Radicalism.

Not content to "amend" a supposedly flawed tax structure, they are about to foist a hastily planned poorly thought out sausage they choose to call a Tax Reform bill.

In reality, this is a massive wealth redistribution plan, from poor to rich, an intended death blow to the middle class, a prelude to destruction of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and CHIP.

For those of them that claim to be "Evangelicals" their complete betrayal of the teachings of the Christ and their apparent swearing of allegiance to powers antithetical to those teachings is appalling.

I need say no more. Just examine what you have done and are planning to do. Look in the mirror, search your souls. Or what is left thereof.