Moscow Mitch McConnell, proving his value to the New Order

Moscow Mitch McConnell, Power Broker for The Vald and Donnie show, is proving his worth to his masters, to assure himself a lucrative role in the New Order.

By refusing to allow Witnesses to testify, he is making it much easier to railroad through a "No Guilty" Verdict in the upcoming Impeachment Trial.

Will we see the opposite of the Old West Tar and Feathering?   Perhaps they will carry Trump out of the Senate on a Golden sedan chair, festooned with Gems of all Nations, proclaiming him the new Orange Julius (Caeser)?

Moscow Mitch had better hope he prevails and he is bound to lose his Senate seat in the next election and that Vlad and Donnie come through on their promises.  Well there are always his Wife's rich Chinese relatives to fall back on.   After all what more humiliation can there be for someone betraying their Senatorial Oath the way he and Graham are doing.

Kentuckians, do, after all, have a sense of honor and devotion to the Country, despite it all and will turn him out in disgrace.