Prelude to War, born of desperation

So, the Media is all a-flutter over the US attack that killed Suleimani and what it means for "escalation" in the area.

Only one pundit, that I know of, had the insight, or courage, to ask "why now"?, noting that it could have been done at anytime, given how openly Suleimani traveled the region.

However, he did not, apparently, have the fortitude to answer his own question with the obvious answer:  Re-Election.

Trump, with his sorry ass impeached and headed for electoral defeat, plays his Ace and hopes to ignite a major conflict in the area.  Which, no doubt, will ignite those of the Extreme Right Evangelical bent, who salivate at the idea of ushering in the "Second Coming".   Further, who ever heard of not re-electing a War Time President?

May have said the man is Insane, others a genius.  Perhaps they are all correct?