The Good Doctor?

Imagine you suffered a great injury, a severe jagged laceration. 

A series of Doctors worked to treat this wound and eventually, using various surgical stitches and staples, managed to close the wound and slow the bleeding so as to begin the healing.

Recovery is slow with many instances of renewed minor bleeding and various infections.  All are addressed as needed and healing continues, slowly, with some scars forming of course.

Along comes someone claiming to be the Worlds Greatest Doctor and that only he can finally heal you completely.

Those responsible for your care cede decision making to this self proclaimed Greatest Doctor.

He proceeds to tear out all the stitches and rip off the scabs and severe bleeding threatens.   

He then proclaims he did not do this to start the wound bleeding, but to stop it and that the patient is safer now, rather than under the care of less courageous Doctors.

Why would you believe such a person?