Again? More Spinless Dems?

So. Another cave in by someone in a Democratic Administration.

An EPA guy tells the truth about enforcing laws aggressively, a few loud mouths on Big Oil's payroll (part time of course, full time they are Republican members of Congress) complain and whine about imagined wrongs and . . . apologies, tail tucking, and resignation . . . Sound familiar?

What's the lesson here?

Enforce the law, lose your job?

Throw mud and lies, get your way?


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Why no arrests for those threatening the President?

Ted Nugent and Alan West, two strident Ultra Right, Republican wackos, threaten the life of a sitting President of the United States and nothing is being done.

Nugent did this, among other places, it is reported, before an NRA gathering. Where, apparently, this is considered laudable.

These people should be arrested as they present a clear and present danger to the safety of the President. It was done for those who threatened Clinton and those who threatened Bush. No less is warranted, in this case.

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Wow, how did this happen? Well, you were warned.

By a CONservative majority the Supreme Court tells us it's just fine for persons arrested for trivial offenses to be humiliated and degraded by forced strip searches and body cavity searches.

All this for the "protection" of the keepers. Yes, we need to protect those gentles souls, armed to the teeth with Mace, Pepper Spray, Firearms, Tasers, Flash Bangs, Clubs, Batons and . . . wait, I need to catch my breath.

Ignoring, of course, that the arrested person is certain to be manacled to begin with.

We have seen, time and again, the so-called Conservatives will side with the Authoritarians, over the individual, regardless of their Rhetoric about individual Freedom.

Bow down to the Power of the State.

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Another comment on "Stand Your Ground"

Self Defense?

It's not self defense when you follow someone, confront and challenge them.

That's being an aggressor.

Even if that person stands their ground, and you, as the aggressor get more than you bargained for, this does not provide you with a "self defense" argument.

You are still the aggressor and have merely been repelled.

That does not give you the right to gun down the person who stood their ground.

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