Lieberman, a True Republican

It makes me laugh, how some people are taken in by Lieberman and the rhetoric he and the Republican National Socialist Party, oh, sorry . . .

Anyway, Lieberman's, oh, sorry, SENATOR Lieberman's true colors are clear to see, now that some sun light is shining. Enough has been said elsewhere, about his sore loser attitude, and how, if he were a real Democrat, he would help to insure their victory in Connecticut.

But I cannot help but add my observation that one only has to look at who his main supporters are now: Republicans. Mehlman, Rove, and our own modern Nero, George W. hisself, who even planted a big wet on on Joe Boy's cheek.

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Yet Another Coincidence

Amazing, ain't it?

I mean how watershed events on the "terrorism" front always seem to happen at a time when Bush administration people are beating one drum or another, usually over the head of some hapless Democrat or a real patriot, foolish enough to stick their head up and speak out.

Funny, how those things just happen.

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Stay the course? What is this, chemotherapy?

So the Bush administration tells us we must "stay the course".

If we don't then they tell us we advocate "cut and run".

Typical of Karl Rove (the unindicted co-confabulator), these tactics seek to cast the issue in terms that appear favorable to them.

We are told, insistantly, that any "set time table" works to the "enemy's advantage", in that they only have to hold out until we leave.

To the contrary, I state that having no "set timetable" may actually work to the "insurgents" advantage, in that they know they can simply continue their low level, low cost, tactics, and slowly bleed us to death.

They know they cannot defeat the US Military machine, head on, and their only hope is to kill us with "a thousand cuts".

So, the longer we stay there, the more cuts they can inflict.

The longer we stay, the more our overstressed troops will fall victim to anger and frustration and stumble, as some have already, apparently, who are now facing Courts Martial.

The longer we stay, the more billions of dollars we pour down a sand hole, with no hope of recovery. Dollars that could better be spent combating the roots of discontent here and abroad.

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Dictatorship . . . only a moment away.

Just a week or so ago, the Bush adminsitration was claiming they did not. That is, they claimed they were not monitoring the phone calls of American Citizens, only "suspected Terrorists".

Now, they admit that they in fact ARE monitoring the phone calls of tens of millions of Americans, but are not "listening" to them. Right.

Yet again, the Bush Administration institutes an extra-legal effort that evades the US Constitution, claims that effort does not exist, then claims that it is only aimed at "enemies", then claims it is legal, then claims it has "inherent authority" to do it. All the while attacking those patriots who would stand up against such abuse.

These tactics and their grand strategy are in lock step with those used over the centuries by those who would seize power from lawful governments, or subvert them, to gain power for themselves.

When will Americans find their voice and take action?

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