"Liberal Media" Strikes Again.

This should put the lie to the Right Wing's tired old riff about the "Liberal Bias" in the media.

We have a case where CBS, NBC and ABC have refused to accept an ad from SONY, for the Fahrenheit 911 DVD. CNN, meanwhile, has no problem runnings ads for the American Expectorator, 'scuse me SPECTATOR, offering the book "Not Fit For Command". Hmm

See the article Tho it has nothing about the CNN deal in there. I just happened to see it on Saturday morning.

Plus, we have to put up with some of CNN's talking heads giving us the body language and voice inflections that echo Karen Hughes and other Bush butt sniffers, anytime they mention Kerry and Bush in the same 30 second time frame of the average viewers memory span.

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Big Brother, on the march, pass me a $50, will ya?

So what does BB have to do with issuing an new $50.00 bill, you ask?

Well, it ain't the new $50.00, its the "anti-counterfitting" stuff, where Government and Industry have co-operated to make common computer equipment less able to scan or copy the new bills.

(See 'New 50 Story')

So what, you say? Indeed, you should. It is a bit nuts, to think that this has anything to do with "Big Brother", now, ain't it?

But, it is precisely these small steps, the "co-operation" between Government and Industry which make "improvements" in common consumer goods, that should raise our concerns. These improvements often take the shape of new integrated circuits ("chips") such as the "V" chip, which purport to allow parental control over what our little darlings may watch on the TV.

That watershed event has gone almost universally uncommented upon.

Today, we have a V-Chip in about every TV and certainly every new one, including the new HD-TV that soon, everyone will want to have. Now we have chips in other common consumer goods that have been added due to Government and Industry "co-operation".

So, who monitors what is actually in this "V-Chip" and these other chips, and what their capabilities are?

Who is to say these chips will not be "upgraded" or "improved", to allow "Two way" or "Interactive" use? This can happen, under the guise of "improved 911 services", "anti-terrorism", etc.

Well hell, we don't have to get that paranoid, now do we? No, we don't. Go back to sleep. Can't? Well, then, go watch some TV, improve your mind, why don't ya?

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Through a lens, starkly

The first Debate is over and we have a clear winner.

Despite my misgivings, the debates turned out to be quite entertaining, as well as informative. The video shots and feeds seemed quite fair and balanced, despite their being controlled by the FOX network. I guess even they realized that too much is at stake to be blindly partisan in such a matter.

So, who won? Kerry, clearly. And, despite the best efforts of the spin meisters, so believe the majority of viewers.

Kerry appeared in control of himself, as well as the facts. He appeared much more at ease and made only a few minor errors. He showed himself to be "Presidential", strong, and resolute. Most of all, he showed himself to be in contact with the reality of our situation in Iraq. Further, he effectively laid to rest the charge of being "inconsistent". But, I suspect we will never hear the end of that baloney.

Bush, on the other hand, appeared ill at ease, annoyed at some of Kerry's comments (remember the "Gore sigh"?), and at odds with himself when trying to formulate his thoughts and a response. As a result (perhaps) he was forced to continually fall back on tedious repetition of his "sound bites" and pat phrases. He often sounded as if he were a parent lecturing stupid children, with comments such "look . . ." and "I'm telling your . . ."

and making pathetic attempts at defending his actions with "I know the world works".

We have a clear choice. More of the same. Or a fresh mind and team at work. Add a comment

Debate This!

I dunno what tonights so-called "Debates" will bring.

Personally, I'd like to see them go mano-a-mano (oratorically of course, being of such a genteel nature, myself . . . ), with no-holds-barred. And no Ken's Roved, either, for that matter.

Jess two good ole boys from elite Eastern Establishment backgrounds, who attened the same Ivy League school, wackin' away at each other in the best traditions of an American kick butt political free for all.

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