Ah, Loyalty, thy name is . . . soiled

Well, true to form, we find Rumsfeld, etal, rewarding their stiff armed, goosestepping minions.

Seems the Pentagon, with the blessing, if not direction of, Rumsfeld are planning to promote those senior officers who where in charge of the infamous torture camps.

Sure, they were "cleared" by military investigations. Yep, sure were.

"Oh, Mr. Fox, did you eat those chickens"? "Oh, no, Mr. Wolf, I did not." "But what about those feathers all around you, and the blood on your mouth, Mr. Fox?".

"Oh,the feathers are from the weasels chasing the chickens, just for fun, you understand, like high spirits. And the blood, oh, the blood. Oh, yes, one of the chickens fell and hurt themselves and I kindly helped him by ending his suffering. "

"Oh, well then, Mr. Fox, you are free to go. Well done!"

See? All better!

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Iranian Election, "look deep into my eyes"

I find the outraged comments from the Bush administration and it's defacto propaganda arms (the US "liberal media"), regarding how "undemocratic" the Iranian election seems to be, how does that old saying go???? "A bit like the Pot calling the Kettle 'black'".

Pump your own Septic tank first. (Unplug your own toilet first, for you City Folks).

Florida? Ohio? Long lines? "Electronic" Ballots? "Rigged" selections of candidates and "electors"? I say "rigged" in the sense that no one, not already rich or powerful, can ever hope to gain a meaningfull position in either the Democratic or Republican party.

"Party"? Yep, that's the word. It describes their activities well. A party for them. The cleanup, of whatever mess they make? Well, that's up to us.

Even if a "Mr. Smith" type might get elected, you can be sure the "puppet masters" have a firm grip on tender parts of his anatomy. Add a comment

The Revolving Door, redux

SFA. Simply F'ing amazing.

It was reported today that Exxon/Mobile, champions of the environment and at the fore front of global warming research (NOT!!!), hired

(drum roll) . . . wait for it . . . (continued drum roll)

None Other Than . . .

(former) Bush Aide . . .

(former) Chief of Staff of Bush's environmental policy council . . .

A man who brooks no scientific interferrence with his opinions. . .

Philip A. Cooney!!!!!

Yep. The same one who, without a bit of science background, or a bit of evidence on his side, managed, nonetheless, to edit "scientific" reports for the White House, to cast doubt on the roots of global warming.

It certainly warms my globes, to see such loyalty to a cause rewarded by those who profit from such dissembling.

We can only guess how much of their advertising campaign, to convince us of their dedication to the environment, means more that old used oats. Only been thru the horse once, as they say.

Time to cut up your Exxon/Mobile card and send it to them, with an explanatory letter. They might begin to get the picture.

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The obvious becomes clear, Impeachment is called for.

What has been obvious for some time, now becomes clear.

President Bush and cohorts deceived the country in the buildup and rationale for the Iraq invasion. President Bush and VP Dick Cheney must be impeached and removed from office.

The so called "Downing Street Memo" provides the "smoking gun". To read the memo and more about this, visit After Dowing Street

The snippet below says it all:

Constitutional scholar John Bonifaz has written a Resolution of Inquiry which states:

Whereas considerable evidence has emerged that George W. Bush, President of the United States, has engaged in a conspiracy to deceive and mislead the United States Congress and the American people as to the basis for taking the nation into war against Iraq, that George W. Bush, President of the United States, has manipulated intelligence so as to allege falsely a national security threat posed to the United States by Iraq, and that George W. Bush, President of the United States, has committed a felony by submitting a false report to the United States Congress on the reasons for launching a first-strike invasion of Iraq:

Now, therefore, be it Resolved, That the Committee on the Judiciary is directed to investigate and report to the House of Representatives whether sufficient grounds exist to impeach George W. Bush, President of the United States. Upon completion of such investigation, that Committee shall report thereto, including, if the Committee so determines, articles of impeachment.

Why is it that President Clinton was investigated and impeached for "lying" about what was essentially a private personal matter (a sexual tryst with a female, not his wife), but President Bush, whose lies dragged the Nation to War, have caused the death of over 1600 US Troops and countless thousands of Iraqi Women and Children and cost the US Citzens Billions in Tax dollars, is getting off without even a wimper? Add a comment