The obvious becomes clear, Impeachment is called for.

What has been obvious for some time, now becomes clear.

President Bush and cohorts deceived the country in the buildup and rationale for the Iraq invasion. President Bush and VP Dick Cheney must be impeached and removed from office.

The so called "Downing Street Memo" provides the "smoking gun". To read the memo and more about this, visit After Dowing Street

The snippet below says it all:

Constitutional scholar John Bonifaz has written a Resolution of Inquiry which states:

Whereas considerable evidence has emerged that George W. Bush, President of the United States, has engaged in a conspiracy to deceive and mislead the United States Congress and the American people as to the basis for taking the nation into war against Iraq, that George W. Bush, President of the United States, has manipulated intelligence so as to allege falsely a national security threat posed to the United States by Iraq, and that George W. Bush, President of the United States, has committed a felony by submitting a false report to the United States Congress on the reasons for launching a first-strike invasion of Iraq:

Now, therefore, be it Resolved, That the Committee on the Judiciary is directed to investigate and report to the House of Representatives whether sufficient grounds exist to impeach George W. Bush, President of the United States. Upon completion of such investigation, that Committee shall report thereto, including, if the Committee so determines, articles of impeachment.

Why is it that President Clinton was investigated and impeached for "lying" about what was essentially a private personal matter (a sexual tryst with a female, not his wife), but President Bush, whose lies dragged the Nation to War, have caused the death of over 1600 US Troops and countless thousands of Iraqi Women and Children and cost the US Citzens Billions in Tax dollars, is getting off without even a wimper? Add a comment

Freedom of Choice in Social Security (Bush's choice, that is)

Yeah, yeah, we've heard it all, for years. As if what the Bushites are trying foist on the American People is somehow a new idea.

As if they have not been trying for years to destroy the "New Deal" in general, and Social Security in particular.

For years, they claimed that people should not be "forced" into Social Security and should have the "freedom" to "opt out". Oh yeah, very Libertarian, for cure.

But, now we see their true colors. Never hard to discern, to begin with, if one took off their dark glasses. But clearer now than ever.

Their proposals, thus far, do not offer freedom of choice, at all, not hardly. All they offer is a variation of the forced savings and confiscatory policies that they used to violently oppose. Rhetorically, that is.

One can see thru this charade rather easily, can't one?

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Oh, Sure

So, how stupid are we supposed to be?

Gonzales, who does whatever Bush wants, now tells us, he will abide by torture conventions. Well, that's nice. But, the question is, will Bush?

Will Gonzales and Bush formally and unequivocally, forever, renounce torture and accept that the Geneva Conventions apply to the United States? Don't hold your breath.

Ya know, Loyalty is a great thing, but it can go too far. I wonder, tho, if the tale I heard about Gonzales is true? That the only reason Bush brought him to Washington, is because, when he was with Bush in Texas, his nose was so far up Bush's butt that removal risked permanent damage. Nahh, can't be true, we have seen them walking about seperately. Has to be false.

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Welcome to the Tea Party

Will it be in Boston, or behind the Looking Glass?

I think Alice will know, so will the White Rabbit. Both seem to be living in the Whitehouse. With the Mad Hatter running the Defense Deptartment.

The Media seems delighted to be playing the knaves.

And, of course, Karl Rove is the Cheshire cat. Add a comment