The news video, claiming to be from al Qaidda, is clearly a forgery, a concoction. BS, in other words.

Even a moderately thoughfull look at this tape, the speaker and the subjects referred to, will show it up for what it is:

An example of a Karl Rove/RNC/NEOCON "dirty trick". So deperate, so transparent.

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Even more hypocrisy, and desperation.

Bush supports Kerry?

Seems so. Bush claims someone who jumps to conclusions and reaches beyond the facts (referring, of course to the missing explosives at al QaQaa), is not fit to be Commander in Chief. Hmm. He seems to forget his own myriad examples of "conclusion jumping", in the lead up to the invasion of Iraq.

A fitting term would be "Hoist with one's own Petard".

Bush claims the Kerry in denigrating the troops playing up the missing explosive. A curious claim, given that even the Bush butt-sniffer, former NYC mayor Gulianni, is quoted as saying, one cannot blame the President, no matter how one "twists it", but is the fault of the troops on the ground.

What hypocrisy. The troops are commanded. The troops are led. If they had been directed to secure that facility, the would have. Period. End of story.

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Hypocrits, Inc. (a.k.a) the Republican Party

I have been falling off my chair and rolling on the floor a lot lately.


Just listening to the noise being made by the Republicans (at least those favoring Bush in a big way) just makes my day. Where's Dirty Harry when we need him?

Never have I seen or heard such hypocritical nonsense has they have beens spewing lately. But then, I realise they really seem to believe the crap they are putting out. There is a name for people who beleive what it not so. I think it's called Insanity.

Let me just recite a few areas in which their hypocrisy is is evident:

States Rights - conveniently tossed out the windows by taking the Florida election controversy to the Supreme Court. Just for instance.

Fiscal Responsibility - Well, just look at the Budget deficit. I think 4 years is long enough, even in terms of economic cycles, to see that cutting taxes, while increasing spending, has not proven to be the medicine we need.

Big Government - Big increases in agencies that intrude into our lives, and creation of one of the largest in History (Dept of "Homeland Security")

Governmental Intrusion into private affairs (also see above). Well, if you private affairs are those of Corporate board rooms, there does seem to be less. However, if you are a private citizen, your home and habits seems to be open for persual.

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DeLay a Big Spender

For his home boys, that is.

see: Rural internet funds go to Texas towns

What a laugh that fund intended to bring high speed internet access to rural America, go instead to wealthy Texas commuter communities.

Tax and Spend, and Redistribution of Wealth, indeed. Seems, as I predicted years ago, that "conservatives" once in power, would outdo the "left" in their government feeding frenzy. Add a comment