Willie Horton, 2004?

Hmmm, this is like Deja-vu, all over again (sorry, Yogi). And sorry readers, both of you, for using that tired phrase.

But, can you believe it? The Obscenely Rich, and apparently, terminally untruthful, and scared silly Right Wing Republicans, are at it again.

Apparently, their "lead" in the polls, is either not large enough to give them succor, or, (golly) maybe they know something about these polls that we don't.

In any case, they have released one of the most dispicable TV ads since the infamous Willie Horton ad. I won't describe it here, but you can read a non-partisan critique of it here -> Link to FactCheck.

What kind of people are these? Here we have people, that while claiming to be "conservative Christians", seem to have no trouble at all breaking some of the Commandments (bearing False Witness, telling Lies), and acting in ways that would completely revolt Christ, as I understand His teachings.

Not to put too fine a point on it, you understand, but these people seem, instead of acting like Christians, to be acting more like anti-Christians.

Well, enough of that, for now. Add a comment