Grassley, A Senator worthy of the Title

I often disagree with the Senator from Iowa, but on the issue of having the "Whistle blower" protected and fully testifying,  I congratulate Senator Grassley got his honor and courage.



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Impeachment. Big Mistake in the cards?

What is is about Democrats anyway?

Having taken forever to work themselves up to Impeachment proceedings, now is seems they want to limit the scope to only the Ukraine issue. 

Big mistake.

The more items on the Bill of Impeachment, the better.  As long as they are credible and have evidence to prove the allegations.


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STATES RIGHTS! (OH, wait . . .never mind)

Let's hear from all those "States Rights" advocates now that Trump is trying to nullify the legal right of California to set it's own, stricter, standards for auto emissions.  

This Trump effort was By The Way . . . opposed by the auto manufacturers foreign and domestic.

But, of course, we won't hear from them at all, unless it will be to attempt quell the cognitive dissonance this creates for the average, sane, person.



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Space Farce created!

No clue.  No clue at all.

Folks in the Trump Administration, or Mal-Administration, one might say, seem to have no idea how increasingly ridiculous and out of touch with reality they appear to the rest of us.


Space Force indeed.  I believe a bit more than a flag unfurlinging in the Rose Garden, with Mike the Sphinx Pence looking on approvingly, will be needed to actually "create a new" agency. 

Even if one is actually simply re-branding and existing one and taking credit.   Not that taking credit for the works of others is a novel thing with Trump.

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