Navy "torpedo's" Trump?

So, once again, Hugh Hewitt of Washington Post infamy, spews out his Trump Derangement Syndrome blather.

He apparently wants the Navy and implicitly the rest of the Military, turned into a Trump support group, making National Defense decisions based on Partisan Politics.

Perhaps it is beyond the limited comprehension of someone like Huge Dimwit to understand that blaming realists, like Naval planners, for failing to implement the fantasy fleet that Trump touted while campaigning.   Never mind that Trump is so poorly versed in the realities of modern Navies that he refers to some ship task forces as "Armadas".

The Trump "administration's" lack of understanding of the fundamental issues regarding Military readiness and organization had already been shown by their decision to organize the "Space Force" under the Air Force.  Not, mind you, under an organization that has centuries of experience creating ships and crews that spend months or years in a hostile environment, but on an organization that has never had to man a vessel for more than a few hours at a time, with crews of just a few men. 

Because, you know . . . Sky . . . Rockets . . . Up . . .  Air . . . Ya know?

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Barr performs his role perfectly.

With the Epstein death, Barr leaps into the fray immediately, to set the framework for "discussion", much as he did for the Mueller Report.

Of course, he is outraged, shocked, shocked even, to learn there is gambling . . . oh, sorry, shortcomings at detention centers.  

Yes, he performs his role perfectly.  But so does a trained seal.  I hope he gets more than a fish as a reward.

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Every day is Festivus for Donald Trump

When I read about Trump "airing grievances" at Dayton, Ohio,  I was reminded of the Seinfeld show.

You know, the "holiday" Festivus, specifically, the "Airing of Grievances"?

Every day is Festivus for Donald Trump.


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Moscow Mitch or Comrade McConnell?

Moscow Mitch or Comrade McConnell?  Either one has a certain ring to it.

I'm sure the Irascible Senator from Kentucky will be fine with either one.  Even though he could not hold Obama to one term, he does seem to be able to carry Putin's water quite well.   Perhaps that will stand him well in the New Order?





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