My conclusion, no contusion, err . collusion

No blood, no foul, right?   What is this, the NBA?

So,  Trump, the subject of the Mueller investigation, appoints his "pocket lawyer" to be Attorney General, who gets affirmed by a compliant and apparently brain dead Republican Senate majority.  

This Attorney General performs spectacular feats of "mental acrobatics" to justify his unprecedented actions with regard to this report and concludes "no collusion".

Well, we know he means that in the context his Master desired, but, well . . . you have seen "collusion" right before your eyes.   I described it for you in the paragraphs above.

Time for all good men to come to the aid of their Country.

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WikiLeaks? What's that?

Tired of all the Whining yet?   Or was that "winning"?   Must have been those dentures slipping again.  

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Mitch pulls a switch, ain't it a Bitch?

Ah  what goes around, comes around.

Senator Mitch destroys over 200 years of Senate rules, to serve his Master.

Well, it's not like Harry Reid was not warned the Dem's would regret his relaxing the filibuster rules.

To paraphrase "Life's a Bitch, then you cry . . ."

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Barr passed the Bar?

Gosh. Seems AG Barr can, in only 48 hours, glean enough from the Mueller report to make a declaration about it, but, when it comes to releasing the report to Congress, or to the Public, it is too complex and will take "weeks, not months" to release it?

After it has been thoroughly sanitized by the exoneration fairies perhaps?

It does not take a Rocket Scientist to see what is going on here.

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