Mother Jones

I simply must comment of how Mother Jones, online at least, has essentially gone Mute on Speaker Pelosi.

Guess the reality of her Speaker-ship is not conforming  to their earlier ed-gasms?

Reality is a Bitch.


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AG office overstepping.

Step by step, inch by inch, the Federal Government, under the guise of "draining the Swamp" and "deconstructing the Administrative State", exerts more and more unlawful power.

Telling Private Citizens what they can and cannot talk about before Congress or the Press is but the latest nibble at the corners of the Constitution.


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Domestic "Terrorists"?

So two Republican Senators want to label "anti-fa" as "domestic terrorists".

Are they also going to support applying that label to the "Proud Boys", and other groups and individuals that support or commit violence against others?

No?  How curious.   No, no double standard or "Political Correctness" at work here.



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Iran seizes tanker. Right on cue?

Curious how "momentous", "headline grabbing" events seem to occur with near perfect timing.

Trump "motor mouth" at work?  Epstein in the news?  Mueller about to testify in "open court"?

Quick!  Look over there!

Ain't Serendipity Wonderful?

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