Domestic "Terrorists"?

So two Republican Senators want to label "anti-fa" as "domestic terrorists".

Are they also going to support applying that label to the "Proud Boys", and other groups and individuals that support or commit violence against others?

No?  How curious.   No, no double standard or "Political Correctness" at work here.



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Iran seizes tanker. Right on cue?

Curious how "momentous", "headline grabbing" events seem to occur with near perfect timing.

Trump "motor mouth" at work?  Epstein in the news?  Mueller about to testify in "open court"?

Quick!  Look over there!

Ain't Serendipity Wonderful?

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Once they're born, who cares?

Strange, to me anyway, how these "Right to Life" folks are perfectly OK with ripping infants, toddlers and children from their parents and housing them in horrendous conditions.

I guess their idea of "morality" is to ensure every conception leads to a birth.   After that, well, you're on your own?  Or, even actively make their lives unbearable?

Disturbing as well, their solution to the (manufactured) crisis on the border seems to be "don't come".  

Yes, don't try to seek a better life for your family, just stay where you are and do your suffering there.  "Out of sight, out of Mind" after all.

"What would Jesus do?"   Not what you condone.


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Trump or Pelosi, which is the bigger Bully?

So, now, Pelosi, no doubt seething over allegations she does not have the "stones" to do her duty and initiate impeachment hearings for Trump, decides to show her "strength" by picking on the "new girls".

Yeah, sure, they were a bit out of line, but then, kids usually do that sort of thing.  No need to get all "parenty" about it with them, in Public.

Seems like the Democrats are intent on snatching defeat from the jaws of victory yet again.  


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