Democrats Duped again?

So,  how long is Joe Biden going to keep up not running ads?

Clearly, Trump and his co-conspirators have managed to con the Democrats into falling silent in the wake of his COVID "diagnosis" and have managed to have Trump, once again, "suck up all the oxygen in the room".

The longer Biden remains silent, the better for Trump.


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Trump "tests positive". Well, it is October

Wow.  What a co-incidence.   

October 2020 dawns and, right on queue, Trump and his cadre "test positive" for Corona Virus.

Schadenfreude?  Sympathy?  Or Skepticism? 


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How stupid are you guys?

Well Gosh.   If those tasting the wind, sniffing the ethereal breezes, ears to the ground, have missed the obvious signals . . .

Now is the time to stop.  You have crossed the line, long ago, actually and now, even your ilk, MUST be able to see what utter failures you and your bogus ideology have proven to be.

So sad that so much chaos, hatred, sickness and death, had to come forth to prove that. Just as foretold decades ago.  In Vino Veritas, eh?

Yet now . . . Even now . . . in the fact of these existential threats, soaring infection and deaths, some of you will not acknowledge the utter failure of your schemes.

You know who you are.  Humility, not Hubris is what you should strive for.


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WaPo should dump Hewitt

Hugh Hewitt on 6/10/2020 affirms once again his ability to fabricate alternate reality out of, almost, thin air.

I say "almost" as he never seems to have an original thought of his own, but, like a predatory insect, lies in wait, ready to pounce upon any tender morsel of rational thought, or sage commentary, and spin his cocoon of silken Right Wing balderdash.

Oh, wait.  I now see on reason to keep him on.

Comic relief.


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