Inadequate response to Russian Aggression in Ukraine

The response by "the West" to Russian making war on Ukraine has thus far been inadequate.

It is clear the hypothesis that "economic pressure" would be sufficient to deter a demented tyrant, bent on conquering a neighboring Country, has failed.

The idea that mere economic and financial ruin would deter someone that has lost his ability to reason, lost normal Human empathy and is consumed by his own ego, was, and is, simply it's own form of delusion.

Rather than having deterred the madness that is on full display, it has served only to embolden and make more reckless the actions meant to be deterred.

Further, it should be made clear that ANY use of Nuclear weapons by Putin would be met with a FULL retaliatory strike upon Russian targets.

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NO, NY Times "The Planet" is NOT Failing. Humans, perhaps.

BREAKING - - - BREAKING, "The Sky is Falling, The Sky is Falling . . . ."

No, dear NY Times, "The Planet" is NOT Failing.   "The Planet" is doing exactly what it is supposed to do in reaction to the egregious mismanagement of Human Kind over the centuries.

Why the panic now? The cackling of the chickens coming home to roost getting a bit too loud to ignore?

And still looking for solutions in all the wrong places.

The article. Read it. Or don't. Subscribe or don't.

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The moment of truth.

The moment of truth approaches for Republican Senators.

Are they Citizens of the United States?  Are they Loyal to the Oaths they swore when taking office as Senators and as "jurors" in the second Impeachment Trial?

We shall see if they have the courage shown by the Founding Fathers and by the generations that followed, to uphold the values that formed and, until now at least, continue to form a Nation of Laws and "not of men".

Or, will they choose the path of the craven, to yield to the temptations of "promised power" and vote to acquit a President that promises everything and delivers only rack and ruin?

Will they display discernment, morality and courage, or fall for the deceptions this creature has foisted upon so many others, only to be discarded and condemned when it suits his distorted ends?

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On Impeachment . . .

Republicans in the Senate seem to, for "elephants" to have rather short (or selective?) memory.

January 6, 2021 appears to be quickly fading from their reality and may soon seem to them to be of no consequence.

Ah, how wrong they are.

It is imperative, for the survival of the Republic we know as the United States of America, for the Insurrection fomented by Donald J. Trump and his minions, to be punished to the fullest extent.

Clearly, if he is not Convicted, and we can point to the failure to Convict him in his first Impeachment, it can only serve to embolden him and his followers.   Not only will they try again, if not quashed now, but they will study their errors and attempt improve their tactics.

Show some courage and Patriotism.  For a change.


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