Trump or Pelosi, which is the bigger Bully?

So, now, Pelosi, no doubt seething over allegations she does not have the "stones" to do her duty and initiate impeachment hearings for Trump, decides to show her "strength" by picking on the "new girls".

Yeah, sure, they were a bit out of line, but then, kids usually do that sort of thing.  No need to get all "parenty" about it with them, in Public.

Seems like the Democrats are intent on snatching defeat from the jaws of victory yet again.  


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Trump worried he might lose?

Been hearing Trump is in a rage, worried he might not win re-election?

I know how he can avoid not winning re-election.  

Don't run!

Just declare mission accomplished, he would have won if he had run (or bothered to complete his term) and claim he was the greatest ever. 

You know . . . LIE.   Just like he does everyday anway.

Better yet, resign now.  Added plus . . . he avoids impeachment.

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Pelosi, The Cowardly Lioness?

Seems the Squeaker of the House, is unwilling to do what is demanded by the facts: proceed to Impeachment inquiry.

To paraphrase the Norsican in a scene from Start Trek TNG): 

"Coward! Like all Politicians, you talk and you talk, but you have no guramba!"

Pelosi fiddles, while the Republic churns, turning, bit by bit, into an authoritarian State. 



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