Trump worried he might lose?

Been hearing Trump is in a rage, worried he might not win re-election?

I know how he can avoid not winning re-election.  

Don't run!

Just declare mission accomplished, he would have won if he had run (or bothered to complete his term) and claim he was the greatest ever. 

You know . . . LIE.   Just like he does everyday anway.

Better yet, resign now.  Added plus . . . he avoids impeachment.

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Pelosi, The Cowardly Lioness?

Seems the Squeaker of the House, is unwilling to do what is demanded by the facts: proceed to Impeachment inquiry.

To paraphrase the Norsican in a scene from Start Trek TNG): 

"Coward! Like all Politicians, you talk and you talk, but you have no guramba!"

Pelosi fiddles, while the Republic churns, turning, bit by bit, into an authoritarian State. 



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Circus? Or Forum?

There is no requirement, as far as I am aware, that any testimony by Robert S. Mueller, before any Congressional Committee, has to follow a "Question and Answer" format.

Mueller can be allowed, or tasked with, making a presentation of his report to Congress, in committee, while allowing no follow up questioning by ANYONE.

This would have the effect, one might say, of creating a "movie version" of the report for those that choose not to read, which, it appears, seems to be most people these days, including many Representatives and Senators.

Seems reasonable to me.

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Mueller must speak in Congress

Robert S. Mueller III, deserves great credit for holding his press briefing.   

Now, he needs to speak in Congress, publicly, as he may be able to, given the redacted report and his, so far, unwillingness to go beyond that.

However, he should be willing, nay, must, testify in closed session, at least to the appropriate Committees, on the full, unredacted version.

Mr. Mueller needs to realize that the greater part of the US populace will NEVER read his report, in effect, waiting, in vain, for "the movie version".    What most of them are getting instead are distorted or outright false impressions of what the report contains, courtesy of Fox Pundits.

Mueller MUST speak, for the greater good of the Country.

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