True to form, screw up, blame another.

Look! Over there!  Squirrel, leaf . . . immigrants . . .

Yep.  Chinese are out to "punish farmers".   Nothing to blame Trump for.  Nothing to do with Tariff Man, or Trade Wars ( So easy to win, ya know . . . ).


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Huge DimWitt, WaPo comments

A certain Washington Post writer, Huge DimWitt, I'll call him, in another paroxysm of Trumpublican irrationality, defends Barr and claims the Democrats have done themselves damage.

Well, if they have, it pales in comparison to the damageTumpublicans have and are about to the United States Constitutional Republic.

Shameless, clueless (to be charitable) and heedless, the blunder on in the name of Unity.  Party unity that is.

Apparently, the believe that in "the new order", they, and only they, will hold power, in perpetuity.   Or, at least until The Donald and Uncle Valdimir decide otherwise.



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Snicker, Chortle . . . . Whew!

Where is the outrage?  Where are the Republican "senators"?

Trump calls Putin to basically celebrate the "backdoor" conversion of the United States from a free nation to one captive by Oligarchs and other such creatures.

We saw this coming, but most decided to sleep walk through the decades.   Can't say you were not warned.


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"Senator" Lindsey Graham, wilted flower

Graham accuses Senator Hirono of "slandering" Barr.

Well, when he is not emulating a leaf on an Aspen tree, he is uttering outright lies.

Hirono simply spoke the truth about what Barr has done, which is not "slander".  But, of course in Trump/Barr/Graham world, Truth has no meaning.

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