Barr passed the Bar?

Gosh. Seems AG Barr can, in only 48 hours, glean enough from the Mueller report to make a declaration about it, but, when it comes to releasing the report to Congress, or to the Public, it is too complex and will take "weeks, not months" to release it?

After it has been thoroughly sanitized by the exoneration fairies perhaps?

It does not take a Rocket Scientist to see what is going on here.

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Keeping to the script

There are "rumors" that Trump and Kim will announce and "end to the Korean War".

Well, first off, there was never a formal "state of War" between the United States and North Korea. So, there is nothing to "end".

The War existed between North Korea and South Korea so any formal "end" would have to be between them. Yet, we see that South Korea does not even have a seat at the table, for the upcoming meeting.

Once again, Trump manufactures a situation that "only he can fix" and, magically, a solution is found to solve an non existent problem.

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There are none so blind . . .

Can there be any more blind than those that refuse to see? An ancient saying, but apt, even today. Perhaps more so.

Create an "emergency" where there is none. Bring the Country to it's knees, increasing vulnerability on many fronts. A Senate too intimidated or besotted with self interest to notice what their inaction means for the health and safety of the Country.

A scenario long contemplated by an adversary arrogantly considered defeated is at hand.

Warned of long ago. And yet, here we are.

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