Better yet?

A Month has passed since I last posted.

Have things gotten better, or worse as Mr. "Only I can fix it" pin balls from one tweet to another.

Are American lives and the Economy worth clinging to your now discredited rationalizations?   You Bull Headed allegiance to a philosophy of "Greed is Good"?   Your failed plans to secure "eternal power" for your "conservative" network of fellows?

Let's save what bit of genuine Human decency you have left, admit defeat and let's get on with saving what is left and rebuilding a more equitable world for all to live in.


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If not now, when?

Convinced yet?

Trump's incoherent responses to the COVID-19 threat should be final proof that he needs to be set aside as President.    

While I am not a great fan of Pence, I have become convinced that Pence would be a much better leader at this time than Trump.

Time for the 25th Amendment to be applied.

Give Sanity a chance.


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Cry for America and those that were once Free.


The Senate is poised to dishonor all those Patriots and Freedom loving persons that shed tears, blood and their lives, from Bunker Hill, Valley Forge, WWI and WWII, to the present day.

Cry for the Country that used to be Free as egotistical, short sighted madmen and madwomen put self interest before the best interests of the Country.

Weep, freedom lovers as we stare into the Abyss of waiting Tyranny.

God help us all as those elected to lead us certainly will not.


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The Cowardly Lions. Or is that Liars?

Seems the Majority of Republican "Senators",  have not the courage to stand for the Republic and instead opt for "Party" over "Country".

Sadly, for them, should they continue on that path, this story ends, not with "The Wizard" granting them their innermost desires, but with their utter humiliation at the hands of the "Wizard" once he no longer needs them.

Those that do not learn from History and do not perceive the nature of the Beast will fare not well.



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