On Impeachment . . .

Republicans in the Senate seem to, for "elephants" to have rather short (or selective?) memory.

January 6, 2021 appears to be quickly fading from their reality and may soon seem to them to be of no consequence.

Ah, how wrong they are.

It is imperative, for the survival of the Republic we know as the United States of America, for the Insurrection fomented by Donald J. Trump and his minions, to be punished to the fullest extent.

Clearly, if he is not Convicted, and we can point to the failure to Convict him in his first Impeachment, it can only serve to embolden him and his followers.   Not only will they try again, if not quashed now, but they will study their errors and attempt improve their tactics.

Show some courage and Patriotism.  For a change.


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Made it. Or, did We?

January 20, 2021 has come and gone, despite January 6, 2021.

True to form McConnell and other Republicans, are still attempting to play "Grim Reaper" and act as if they still have power.

And, true to form, Democrats are busy trying to "make nice" with the Republicans, while they continue to heap abuse upon them.

Well Ladies, time to act like Men.  Ladies . . . are the any female Democrat Senators . . . ?  If there are Ladies, stop acting like Ladies and act like Senators.

Senators of the Democratic persuasion, stop acting like the "abused Spouse" and more like you now have control.  Which, in point of fact, you do.

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Russian "Cyber Hack", January 20, 2021

So, Trump is "making smoke" in Naval Parlance, while saying nothing about the Russian hacking of US Government Systems.

Will we make it to Noon on January 20. 2021 as a viable Free Nation?

That aside, as one with a passable professional acquaintance with Cyber Security issues, the worry about "ongoing" exfiltration (stealing) of data seems in want of a solution.

Simple.  "Pull the Plug" connecting these systems to "The Internet" until such time as hard mitigation can be put into effect.

Drastic?  Absolutely.  But if it is as bad ad the talking heads say, drastic action is needed, in War Time.    In the mean time, revert to the old school methods of Armed Secure Messengers and encrypted secure phone calls for passage of critical information.

Then it seems pretty simple, from the standpoint of stopping exfiltration at least, to "firewall" these systems so they only communicate with "known and verified" IP addresses.   By now, they should, via logs and other means, have a pretty good idea of what IP's have been receiving outgoing data flow and can be investigated.  Blocking those deemed untrustworthy and allowing only those trusted, with "specially crafted ciphers" delivered, again, by hand, via armed secure messengers.  Then after doing your best to remove the malware and ALL "backdoors", slowly go back online.  But NEVER back to "the way we've always done it"

There are ways to "stop the bleeding" and prevent further cuts from being suffered.

If you need help, you know who to call.























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Democrats Duped again?

So,  how long is Joe Biden going to keep up not running ads?

Clearly, Trump and his co-conspirators have managed to con the Democrats into falling silent in the wake of his COVID "diagnosis" and have managed to have Trump, once again, "suck up all the oxygen in the room".

The longer Biden remains silent, the better for Trump.


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